This Weekend’s Teaching 9/16th and 17th In The Book Of Hosea: “Price for a Prostitute” (Hosea 2:14-3:5)

Desertbreeze   -  
Hosea 3:4-5 It’s cryptic, it’s prophecy about Jesus Christ.
How is Hosea a type of Christ? How is our Relationship with God like a Beautiful Marriage only infinitely and eternally better?
The whole idea for the book of Hosea is a type (picture, image) of Christ.
Hosea was in love; Christ is in love.
Hosea was betrayed; Christ was betrayed.
Hosea pays an enormous price; Christ pays an eternal price on the Cross.
To find out you don’t want to miss this weekend’s teaching with Pastor Ray: “Price for a Prostitute” (Hosea 2:14-3:5)
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