What is a devotional?

It’s a time we set apart to reflect on scripture, meditate and wait on God.

Why are devotionals important?

The practice of setting apart and spending time with God, helps us naturally grow closer to Him.

You want to start but not sure how too?

That’s where we can help.
DB Devotionals was created to help guide us through scripture reading, meditation, reflection and prayer over peaceful music. These are often used to accompany teachings given at Desert Breeze.

**Before we go any further it’s important to know the actual practice of devotional time isn’t easy. We all struggle to make time. Don’t feel guilty or give up because you missed a day (or two.) God is not in the business of condemning but of building a relationship with Him. He is the one who gives us the desire to grow, and God wants us to flourish. All we need to do is just keep showing up, even when we don't particularly feel wanting, we can trust that if we do so, God will show up, too.

Here’s what to expect.
Our devotionals begin with a scripture reference and will often be taken from the previous weeks sermon at Desert Breeze.
Next is a time for meditation to prepare our hearts and minds to give full attention to our Heavenly Father. This is not easy for many of us, our minds want to wander so when it does, just bring your thoughts back to meditating on Him.
Then reflection, this helps us focus on God's word and teaching.
The devotional ends with a prayer that relates to the scripture and the reflection.

We hope these devotionals help you grow and spend more quality time with our Heavenly Father.